Randy Rainbow Can’t Mask Contempt For Trump In ‘Cover Your Freakin’ Face!’

Comedian Randy Rainbow has been getting in the face of President Donald Trump for years.

Now he’s getting a step closer.

Watch the song satirist try to spit some sense in to the mask-averse president with a parody of “Put on a Happy Face.” It’s called “Cover Your Freakin’ Face.”

Trump has ignored the advice of his own coronavirus task force doctors to wear a mask, hasn’t required face coverings at his rallies, and has basically set the tone for a culture war over a public health issue. Meanwhile, a scary spike in COVID-19 cases has erupted in several states.

Sings Rainbow: “Don’t thumb your nose at science / You’ll find it doesn’t work / Knock off that noncompliance / Don’t be a selfish jerk / Just stop drooling and slow down the pace / Just cover your freakin’ face!”

You tell him, Randy.

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